Government official / diplomat passport

For US government officials and US diplomats


Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

Required Documents:

  1. Your original US Official / Diplomatic or Tourist (normal) passport – as a proof of US citizenship.
  2. Official Passport application form DS 82 completed and signed:
  3. Passport office/Government fee: Free of charge for US diplomats & government officials.
Step 2: Include the correct photos
Two NEW passport-style color photographs, taken within the last six months (Eye glasses must not be worn Effective November 1st 2016)
Step 3: Complete PAVO's authorization form
  1. PAVO Letter of Authorization, completed and signed. The Letter of Authorization (LOA) allows PAVO to represent you to all agencies involved in issuing your passport. The signature on the LOA must be original, preferably in blue ink, no faxes, scans or copies will be accepted. Click Here to Download!
Step 4: Proof of departure
Proof of Departure. Submit a copy of your flight itinerary, airline tickets, or a letter from your company (on company letterhead) stating that a passport is required for business travel. This letter must be signed by a representative of the company other than the applicant and must specify the applicant’s departure date(s) and destination(s).
Step 5: Complete the processing request

Complete the processing request form Click Here to Download!

Include proof of name change, if applicable:
If your name has legally changed since your last passport was issued, provide the state-issued Original Document or Certified Copy showing the name change (i.e. Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Court Order). You must also submit a photocopy of your Driver’s License, issued in your new name.

Step 6: Ship all to PAVO for processing

Ship your documents

Please forward the completed requirements (the above documents with your payments) to:
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  • Passport & Visa Online -PAVO Handling Fee:
    • $100.00 NO extra charge for rush service (we obtain your passport as soon as it is issued by the State Department, therefore eliminating any extra rush processing fees)


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