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– Belarus visa is not required for the period of stay up to 5 days .

– The Insurance coverage letter is a compulsory document. Applicants missing this document will systematically have their visa denied.
– The ORIGINAL medical insurance documentation/letter must be carried by the traveler during travel to Belarus.



Please send your current valid and signed passport. U.S passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay and must have at least one blank visa page. Foreign Embassies cannot issue a visa on a page not labeled as a Visa page. Amendment and Endorsement pages in the back of the passport cannot be used for issuance of a visa.

If you need to renew your passport or apply for a new one click here



One (1) Passport Size Photo with a White Background.


Proof of Departure

Please send a copy of your round trip airline tickets, or itinerary or e-ticket, or letter of confirmation from a travel agent. The itinerary must show the applicant’s name, date of arrival and departure from the country, and flight information. The Embassy does not recommend purchasing your ticket prior to a visa being issued.



Additional Documents


  1. Tourist Voucher. Copy of tourist voucher (invitation) issued by tourist company or hotel in Belarus approved by the Ministry of Tourism. Tourist vouchers are only acceptable if applicant is staying 10 days or less.
  2. Non-US citizen Photocopy of Alien Registration Card (Green Card) -or- evidence of legal status in USA (valid visa except B1/B2 visa type plus I-94 in passport)


  1. Computer generated flight itinerary from the travel agent
  2. Original invitation from an organization authorized to invite business visitors to Belarus. The letter of invitation should be made on an official letterhead and should have a signature of the head of a company as well as a corporate seal. (Click here to see Sample of a letter of invitation)
  3. Multi-Entry Visa: Multiple-entry long-term (type D) business visa requires confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Belarus
  4. Business Letter from U.S. company. Click here for sample letter
  5. As of July 1, 2014, Belarus requires proof of international health insurance specifically covering travel to Belarus and indicating the validity of this coverage (with a minimum medical coverage of $13,500 USD; EUR 10,000).
  6. Applicants born in Belarus MUST submit a copy of their Certificate of Renunciation of Citizenship from the Belarusian Embassy.
  7. Non-US citizen Photocopy of Alien Registration Card (Green Card) -or- evidence of legal status in USA (valid visa except B1/B2 visa type plus I-94 in passport)


  1. Valid and signed U. S. Official or Diplomatic Passport (valid for at least 6 months past the end date of your stay in Belarus; with at least one blank visa page)
  2. Visa Cover Letter from U.S. Department of State
  3. Letter from sending department or agency addressed to:
    “Embassy of (the country you are planning to visit),
    Visa Section, Washington D.C.”

The letter must explain all of the following:
Applicant’s position and title
The purpose of the trip
Dates of the intended visit
Contact person in the country you are planning to visit


Previous Visa Copy

If you have been issued a visa prior to this application, you must include a copy of your most recent visa.


Visa Application Form

One (1) Visa Application Form completed and signed. Click here to download Visa Application Form


Fees Per Visa

Service Fee

$ 110.00 / Person / visa (2 to 4 days)

Consular Fee
Tourist/Business Visa: (Single/Double/Multiple Entry / 3 months validity / stay up to 90 days)

(2 to 3 days issue) $ 132.00 / Visa
(4 to 5 days issue) $ 69.00 / Visa
Official or Diplomatic Passport $ 0.00 / Visa


Requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice. All fees are non-refundable if your application was denied by the consulate or the Passport Agency, or if you withdraw your application that has already been submitted to the consulate or Passport Agency.

Complete Order Form

You must download to fill in and sign PAVO’s visa work order

After You have gathered and prepared all the required documents, in order for us to process your application, you also need to fill-in & sign PAVO’s visa work order.

Ship Your Documents

Please forward the completed requirements to:

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  • Urgent applications should be shipped to PAVO using only UPS or FedEx.
  • Please use “Priority Overnight”. Do NOT ship “First Overnight.” This will delay the delivery of your package.
  • Please send all the required documents and payment (Money Order, Company Check, Cashier’s Check, American Express, Visa or Master Card) by trackable mail method so that if there’s a delay, you would be able to track and trace your package.


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Passport and Visa Online accepts:  We ship by:       Call us FREE on 1-866-618- 8472
Passport and Visa Online accepts:  We ship by:       Call us FREE on 1-866-618- 8472