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Passport And Visa Online is a full–service travel documentation procurement service located in Washington DC. We obtain passports, visas, legalizations, authentications and translations for corporations, travel organizations and tour operators with high–service requirements.

We specialize in expediting professional and competitively priced travel document services (Passport Renewals, Second Passports, First Time Passports, Lost Passports)

We are dedicated to service. We must be, and we are perfectionists. This relieves our clients from the burden, hassle and worry of passports and visas, allowing them to focus on their own important jobs.

We are a team of professionals with a broad background in the passport and visa business.

Combining our 20 plus years of experience in this business and familiarity with the requirements of U.S. Passport office and foreign embassies, Passport & Visa Online ® is providing the most appropriate; secure passport and visa expediting service for your specific needs.

We have processed thousands of U.S. Passports & Visas. We can expedite passport applications for US citizens in all 50 states who are seeking to renew, replace or obtain a new passport. We work with foreign embassies and consulates expediting tourist visas and business visas for our customers.

We specialize in solving problems with last minutes travel plans, as well as securing much needed visas to countries such as China, Russia, and many more. We will obtain legalizations and consularization of documents from all consulates.

If you prefer to call for placing your order, please contact our customer support from 9am to 6pm US Eastern Time:

1-866-618-VISA (8472)-within the United States

To provide you with additional security, all credit card numbers are stored on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. After you type, fax, or call it in, your complete credit card number is transferred to this secure machine across a proprietary one-way interface. This computer is not accessible by network or modem.

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