• U.S. Passport Application Fee: $ 195.00 (Application Fee+Government Expedite Fee)
  • Passport & Visa Online Handling Fee:
  • $230.00 per passport (48 Hours)
  • $170.00 per passport (5 Business Days)

Processing Information:

  • Your application will be hand carried to the Passport Agency in Washington, D.C.. There, the Passport Agent will examine the application and if all documents are in order, assign a date the passport will be issued, according to departure date from the U.S.
  • SAME-DAY issue applications (which may be issued Same Day or within 24 hours) require proof of departure within four business days of being submitted to the passport agency and MUST be shipped to Passport and Visa Online using overnight Company.
  • Other urgent applications can be issued as fast as three business days
  • Passport applications submitted by mail to passport agencies routinely take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed. Passport and Visa Online expedites applications by hand carrying them to the U.S. Passport Agency, and following up on the progress. Please note that PAVO online is not in a position to be able to offer any guarantees of passports to be issued by a specific date. Issue is determined by the urgency of your departure, the acceptance of your appplication without additional information being required, and passport agency workloads.

  1. Completed application form DS-11. https://pptform2.state.gov/?Submit2=Complete+Online+&+Print You will be asked to input your personal information. After inputting your personal data, click on "Create Form" which will create your completed DS-11 US passport application.
  2. Two Professional Passport photographs, taken within the past 3 months. (Eye glasses must not be worn Effective November 1st 2016)
  3. Proof of U.S. Citizenship: (one of the followings)
    1. a) An original or certified copy of your birth certificate, with a raised seal from the State Office of Vital Statistics. Hospital-issued birth certificates are not acceptable. You can acquire a certified copy at http://vitalchek.com.
    2. b) naturalization certificate; certificate of citizenship;
    3. c) Consular report of birth abroad;
    4. d) Expired US Passport. NOTE: If your appearance has changed significantly and/or passport was issued under the age of 16, you must include in addition to birth certificate or naturalization certificate.
  4. Include proof of departure date required (copy of itinerary or air tickets showing applicant is departing the U.S., or letter from employer stating immediate international travel is required).
  5. The current mutilated Passport (which will not be returned to the applicant)
  6. A letter signed by the applicant addressed to "Attn: U.S. Passport Agency.." explaining how the passport was damaged.
  7. Letter of Authorization -- Click Here to Download!
  8. Processing request form -- Click Here to Download!
  9. Take the above requirements to your local acceptance agent for Passport Applications (usually a post office or county clerk or court house).Visit http://www.travel.state.gov/cgi-bin/search.accept.cgi to locate a Passport Acceptance Agent near where you live. Pay the clerk the U.S. government fee, including rush fees and execution fees, ($195 for adults. Be prepared to write two checks for the total amount, as the clerk will usually retain $25.00 execution fee). Please write your name and date of birth on the check. Ask the clerk to execute the documents and place them in a sealed envelope addressed to "U.S. Passport Agency". (You must not open this envelope again before shipping it).
  10. Applicants between the ages of 16 and 17 must appear with one parent to co-sign the application.
  11. Send Passport and Visa Online the sealed envelope from the Post Office/Clerk of Court

Ship your documents
Please forward the completed requirements; sealed envelope, authorization letter, copy of tickets or itinerary,
and payment by overnight carrier to:
Passport and Visa Online
4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22203
Tel: 703-524- PAVO (7286) / 703-524-7280
TOLL FREE: (866) 618 VISA (8472)
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Passport and Visa Online acts on the behalf of the clients, and takes no responsibility for the services rendered by passport acceptance agents, the U.S. Passport Agency, Travel Agents, Consulates or Embassies in connection with granting of passports or visas. Passport and Visa Online takes no responsibility for delays or loss of passports as may occur through the above services or by any delivery service. All fees are subject to change at any time. Damage compensation is not available.