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Non Participating Hague Convention (Embassy Legalization Services)

All documents for the countries listed below have to be certified from the Department of State in Washington DC, and the perspective embassy.
Our Service fee is $80.00 (Lowest price -- Guaranteed) for the first document, and $40.00 for each additional document. (Excluding embassy and State department/Secratery of State fees)

Algeria   Iran Morocco Turkmenistan
Azerbaijan Cote d'Ivoire Iraq Nepal U.A.E.
Bahrain Cuba Jamaica   Uruguay
Benin Denmark Jordan Nigeria Uzbekistan
Bolivia   Kenya Oman Vietnam
Brazil Egypt Kuwait Pakistan Yemen
Burkina Faso Eritrea   Palestine Zambia
Burundi Ethiopia Laos Paraguay  
Cambodia Lebanon Philippines  
Cameroon Ghana Libya Qatar  
Canada Guatemala Macedonia Saudi Arabia  
Chad Guinea Madagascar Sri Lanka  
Chile Haiti Malaysia Sudan  
China Honduras Mali Syria  
Colombia India Mauritania Thailand  
Congo Indonesia Tunisia  

Required Documents: The original document notarized from a notary public.


  1. We will re-notarize and certify your document from the Circuit Court.
  2. We will certify your document from the Secretary of State.
  3. We will authenticate your document from the authentication office, Department of State in Washington DC.
  4. We will legalize your document from the required embassy in Washington DC.
  5. We will arrange for the return of your document.

Approximate turn around time:

We will do the above 3 steps and take your document to the embassy by the next business day of receiving the document. Embassies vary regarding the certification time. Most documents are completed in 3 to 5 business days. please click here to download the Authentication work order (click here to download) (FILLABLE FORM)

Mailing Address: Please mail your documents along with the Authentication work order to:

Passport and Visa Online
4601 North Fairfax Drive
Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22203
Toll Free: 1-866-618-VISA (8472)
Email : info@passportandvisaonline.com


Questions?? Please call us toll free @ 1-866-618-VISA (8472)


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